Umthondo personals rooms 11 Apr 2018The University of Tennessee at Knoxville hosted an anal sex workshop on Wednesday as part of their sixday Sex Week event.On Wednesday students at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville were invited to attend a workshop called Butt Stuff 2.0 The Pegging. According to the workshops description it aims to clarify how to safely and healthily engage in the act as well as demystify any misconceptions regarding anal sex.Other workshop events during Sex Week are just as bizarre. Events include Your Penis and You Sucking D and Licking P CSI My Period and Masturbation Nation.Locals called into the Todd Starnes radio show this week to express some thoughts about Sex Week.Tennesseans certainly do not approve of this kind of behavior former state Sen. Mae Beavers said during her conversation with Starnes. The university does not reflect the values of Tennesseans and I think its about time Tennesseans stood up and demanded their legislature defund these things.Conservative commentator Steve Gill told Starnes that Sex Week should make Tennesseans question the public funding that the University of Tennesee at Knoxville receives.The liberal agenda of the leadership at Tennessee is frankly out of control and completely disconnected with the values and concerns of Tennessee taxpayers Gill said.The universityclaims however that